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Welcome. Yes! Good Dog Community Hub offers all your best local canine experts in one place.  Our heroes are experts in their field and serve Solihull and surrounding areas. They have come together to assist local dog owners in offering a range of great dog services.  Look no further you have arrived at the heart of the community of specialist dog services. Find your local dog service expert here and find us on Facebook too

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Top Reasons to Choose a Force Free Dog Trainer

Top Reasons to Choose a Force Free Dog Trainer

When choosing a force-free dog trainer, there are several important reasons to consider. Force-free training emphasizes positive reinforcement and avoids the use of punishment or aversive techniques. Here are the top reasons for choosing a force-free dog trainer...

Help! My Puppy is Biting Me

Help! My Puppy is Biting Me

  Puppy biting is a completely normal development stage. The intensity and amount of biting varies from breed and individual. Puppies will lose their first (deciduous) teeth at around 20-24 weeks old. These first teeth are pin sharp! They are like this to trigger the...

Benefits of Natural Dog Treats by Lisa of Barking Bites

Benefits of Natural Dog Treats by Lisa of Barking Bites

Why Choose Barking's Bites Natural Treats? No Additives, Flavours or Preservatives None of our treats contain any additives, flavours or preservatives that you will find in other store bought products. So how do we preserve freshness and quality? All of our dog snacks...