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15 Myths Surrounding Separation Anxiety in Dogs

15 Myths Surrounding Separation Anxiety in Dogs

There are many myths amongst owners and professionals around why dogs suffer with clinical separation anxiety and isolation distress, none of which have been scientifically proven and in fact researched case studies has now bought to light many of pre-thought notions...

Lack of Choice – The Effect on Behaviour

Lack of Choice – The Effect on Behaviour

During the last two years the pandemic has put many restrictions on our day to day lives and has taken an element of choice away from us that we previously may have taken for granted. Everything changed and limitations were put upon our lifestyle and there was an...

‘Why the Sit?’ By Bobby the Border Collie

‘Why the Sit?’ By Bobby the Border Collie

  A few weeks after arriving at my new home and settling in with my human parents they took me to Puppy School. This place was much larger than my home and there were other puppies there too. To begin with it all felt very strange but as the weeks went by I got...