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Mandy Rigby is an experienced canine educator and the founder of Yes! Good Dog, a top rated dog behaviour service in the local area. Mandy has helped hundreds of guardians and their dogs with her knowledgeable, professional and ethical approach. Mandy’s ethos is to support dog parents with building a positive human-dog connection and this is achieved through gaining an understanding of many aspects of how the dog’s mind works and meeting the dog’s fundamental needs.

Puppy services include one to one puppy parenting support, one to one puppy and adolescent programmes and group learning for new puppy parents and their puppies. If you have an adult dog that finds aspects of life difficult to navigate then the Dog Behaviour Life Skills page is for you, covering areas of fear, phobias, anxiety and reactive behaviour. Yes! Good Dog specializes in separation anxiety issues in puppies and adult dogs developing tailored programmes to enable dogs to accept being home alone is fine.

Mandy is also the Founder of Scent Work Academy which delivers classes, workshops, events and trials. This great nose work sport holds many benefits for companion dogs of all ages and breed types, the business is growing from strength to strength as Mandy’s spreads her passion to see as many people with their dogs get involved in the activity..

1-2-1 Support

Puppy Parenting

Remotely or In-Home

Puppy Learns Coaching

Ideal for Puppy’s Aged Between 8-24 weeks

Chill and Relax - Separation Anxiety

Help! I Cannot Leave My Dog Alone

Online Dog Coaching

Your remote Dog Behaviour & Training Coach

Group Puppy Training Classes in Solihull

Puppy Classes – Group

Bring out the best in your puppy

Scentwork For Companion Dogs

Scent Work Classes and Sniff-Away Days

“Encourage and motivate through positive reinforcement training”

 . . incredibly impressed with Mandy’s services and expertise when it comes to dog training and methods in changing dogs behaviours.
Charlotte and Maggie

Mandy is incredibly knowledgeable with a focused and sensitive approach, she made my extremely anxious rescue dog relax
Tracey & Henry

Can’t recommend highly enough . . . Bear is now like a different dog . . . calmer, friendlier and more trusting. Mandy was brilliant with him and us. 10/10
Steph & Matt

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My Bin Analogy for Dog Behaviour Change

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