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Aimee is an Animal Behaviourist and Trainer based in the South Birmingham area of the West Midlands. Aimee is fully qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training, a National Diploma in Animal Management and an OCN Certificate in Dog Training. She also has an ABC certificate in Animal Care and is a former trustee of the Assistance Dog Council. Aimee is a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and an Approved Dog Trainer with Dog Training College which means she has been extensively vetted to ensure she has met the high standards they set. Aimee has many years of experience in training animals, is a practitioner and a huge advocate of kind, force-free behaviour solutions and training.

Aimee does not believe in the use of any aversives in training such as shock collars, prong collars or choke chains. She is a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild, meeting their strict criteria of positive, scientific and reward-based training methods. Aimee is kind, friendly and completely non-judgemental.

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Dog Separation Anxiety

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We rescued our Romania rescue Nora about 3 months ago. We started having issues about 2 weeks in and it’s only with Aimee’s help that we have made as much progress as we have! Highly recommend, without her we wouldn’t have the wonderful dog we have today! Amazing service, she really makes you feel at ease and guides you through everything you need to do. Worth every penny!

Abigail Pay

I have two Romanian rescues and I was really struggling with Athena’s reactivity and Mr Poe’s anxiety. Aimee and I do not live close so all our sessions are online and I noticed a difference after the first session just by changing my mindset and starting to use some really positive techniques. The transformation in both my dogs, particularly Athena who is muzzled due to dog reactivity is AMAZING. She is so much calmer at home and we have techniques to use to help her manage her stress when she sees another dog. Aimee’s advice and the level of kindness and patience she has for dogs is fantastic. Some of Athena’s behaviour had been written off as “aggression” and “needing to know she isn’t the alpha” and Amy totally turned that mindset around, debunked some popular dog training myths and I really believe that positive reinforcement training is the way forward, certainly for my two!

Jane Wallace

We have been working with Aimee over the last few weeks, as our dog was very nervous and reactive to other dogs. We have only had four one to one sessions with Aimee and the difference we have seen in Milo’s behaviour is remarkable. He is much happier out and about and is starting to enjoy meeting other dogs. Aimee’s advice and knowledge has enabled us to understand how to best work with our dog. I would recommend Aimee’s services to anyone who wants to make the most of their pet.

Jaime Louise