Dog Walking Adventures & Pet Care Services in Solihull

Are you looking for a trusted local pet care business to look after your pet(s) when you are not able to? From dog walking or small pet care our professional experts are here to assist you

Dog Care

Whether you are out at work, on a day trip, out for the evening or simply not able to exercise your dog, having someone to turn to that you can trust and who your dog loves to spend time with can be an absolute life saver

Generally, most dogs are far happier in the safety of their own home where they can relax until their pet carer arrives. It is important for your dog’s welfare and overall wellbeing to have their needs met both physically and mentally. Behavioral issues can stem from the boredom and lengthy isolation can trigger anxiety creating separation related behaviours. By breaking up your dog’s day with added stimulation whether that be a sole walk, group play or simply company can make all the difference to your dog and provide you with peace of mind

Do you have a new puppy? It is advised to transition your puppy gradually into accepting home alone time. Available Pop-in services ensure all your puppy’s needs are met and that your puppy has been fed, has enough water and has enjoyed some company and play time before settling down until you return

General Pet Care (Home Visits – Pet Sitting)

As well as dog care other furriers and pet’s needs can also be catered for with care and attention whilst you are away from home. Cleaning out cages or enclosers, emptying cat litter trays, feeding, supplying water and of course love and attention. Pets staying in their own homes and being tended to by a professional is less stressful for them therefore you can enjoy your time away


Pet Care providers may also offer home care services whilst they tend to your animals which may include, putting the bins out, switching lights on and off, placing your post out of sight and watering plants.

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