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Scent Work Classes and Sniff-Away Days

Looking for something new and exciting to do with your dog?

Discover Scent Work.

Scent work for the companion dog is a relatively new activity in the UK. It is based on operational detection style nose work, which is practiced by the police, military, custom search dogs and more recently medical detection dogs. This is when a dog is trained to locate a specific odour and indicate the location.

Searching and locating is built into your dog’s genetics so fulfilling this instinctual desire can enhance your dog’s life, lessen boredom and enhance the bond between you and your dog. Once the basic skills have been learnt this activity can be undertaken in a variety of places, indoors and outdoors.

Start your scent work journey by visiting our dedicated Scent Work Academy website. Find out about joining us at our classes and for those who’ve completed classes we also offer Sniff-Away Events where you will get out in the open air, make new friends and develop new skills for you and your dog.

Mandy Rigby is a recognised Scentwork UK Trainer, Trial Manager and Judge.


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