Scent Work for Companion Dogs

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Discover Canine Scentwork

Canine nose work or scentwork is becoming an increasingly popular dog sport activity for the companion dog owner.  It is based on operational detection style nose work, which is practiced by the police, military, custom search dogs and more recently medical detection dogs. Scentwork is when a dog is trained to locate a specific scent and indicate the location.

Searching and locating is built into your dog’s genetics therefore in fulfilling this natural instinctual desire can enhance your dog’s life. By participating together as a team it also builds on the bond you have with your dog. Utilising your dog’s ‘superpower’ holds numerous benefits for dog and owner. Once the basic skills have been learnt this activity can take place in a variety of places, indoors and outdoors.

Scent Work Academy is the leading provider of scent work opportunities for the companion dog in Solihull and surrounding areas. Start your scent work journey with your dog here.

Benefits for you and your dog – what’s not to love?

  • Invaluable enrichment for any age of dog and any breed
  • Calming activity for excitable dogs
  • Increases confidence in nervous dogs
  • Improves self-control
  • Raises your dog’s dopamine – Feel good hormone
  • Gentle and low impact exercise for your dog and yourself
  • Can help in the management of intelligence, frustration and anxiety
  • Dogs with disabilities can thrive at nose work
  • Can aid in improving recall
  • Dogs use a lot of mental energy – dogs sleep contented after using their noses
  • Fun and rewarding for the handler as well as the dog, be warned highly additive!

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Mandy Rigby

Mandy Rigby