Puppy & Dog Behaviour Training & Owner Confidence

Solihull, Warwickshire, West Midlands

Mandy Rigby, an experienced dog behaviour & training specialist, has helped hundreds of dog owners and breeds with her kind, professional and ethical approach. Whatever behaviour challenge you’re facing with your dog or if you want to make sure your new puppy has the best possible start, then Mandy will be able to help.

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1-2-1 Dog Training Packages

1-2-1 Puppy Parenting Package

Remotely or In-Home

1-2-1 Puppy Training Package

For Puppy’s Aged Between 8-20 Weeks on Commencment

1-2-1 ‘Ace Adolescent’ Dog Training Package

HELP! My Dog Won’t Listen to Me!

1-2-1 Life Skills Dog Behaviour Package

For dogs that find it difficult to cope with certain aspects of life

1-2-1 ‘Boomerang’ Dog Recall Training Package

HELP! My Dog Won’t Come Back

1-2-1 ‘Walk This Way’ Lead Walking Package

Help! My dog's a persistent lead puller

1-2-1 ‘Chill & Relax’ Separation Anxiety Package

Help! I Cannot Leave My Dog Alone

1-2-1 Online Dog Training

Your remote Dog Behaviour & Training Coach

Group Dog Training Classes in Solihull

Puppy Training Classes

Bring out the best in your puppy

Yes! Good Dog Youth Club

Especially for the young adolescent dog

Scent Work Academy

Scent Work Classes and Sniff-Away Days

“Encourage and motivate through positive reinforcement training”

 . . incredibly impressed with Mandy’s services and expertise when it comes to dog training and methods in changing dogs behaviours.

Charlotte and Maggie

Mandy is incredibly knowledgeable with a focused and sensitive approach, she made my extremely anxious rescue dog relax

Tracey & Henry

Can’t recommend highly enough . . . Bear is now like a different dog . . . calmer, friendlier and more trusting. Mandy was brilliant with him and us. 10/10

Steph & Matt

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Breed Specific Puppy Socialisation

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