1-2-1 ‘Boomerang’ Dog Recall Training Package

HELP! My Dog Won’t Come Back

Would you like a boomerang dog that just keeps coming back?

In person services are currently suspended : Online sessions for 1-2-1 Dog Training and Dog Behaviour concerns are available for booking please see the  ‘Online Dog Training’ option in the menu box. Alternatively please email through the contact page to register your details for in person services as soon as these can become available

Success in training your dog to have a great recall back to you requires looking into the individual dog’s character, its instinctual drives and knowing its true motivators. Developing a strong bond between you and your dog is the key to your dog listening, focusing and having the desire and trained skill set to return and stay close. A great recall is developed over a series of stages just like making a trifle, one layer at a time.

Why does your dog need a good return response to you?

  • It is the law that you must be able to control your dog in public areas where there are other people, other dogs and livestock
  • It keeps your dog safe from getting lost, away from traffic and other dangers in the environment
  • It allows your dog much needed off lead exercise

How can Mandy help?

Mandy has become well known in her local area for great recall training and has subsequently developed the Boomerang Dog Recall Training Course to bring her past experiences within this area of dog training into one powerful, step-by-step course.

Are you finding:

  • Your dog doesn’t listen to you when you call?
  • Your dog runs over to people and other dogs?
  • Your dog picks up a scent and disappears into the distance?
  • Your dog chases birds and frisky squirrels?
  • Your dog spots some water and takes off for a swim?
  • Your dog runs off when you try to put the lead on?
  • Everything else is just more exciting than being with you?
  • You’re too scared to let your dog off the lead as it may not come back?
  • Your dog refuses to come back in from the garden?


‘Boomerang’ Dog Recall Training Course – £299

Join Yes! Good Boomerang Dogs and love the freedom of your dog walks

What’s in the course?

  • Five weekly one to one coaching sessions with Mandy
  • Build you and your dog’s boomerang relationship
  • Know your dog’s greatest boomerang motivators
  • The best boomerang incentives and equipment to use
  • Five super charged boomerang games to learn and play
  • Cementing the boomerang effect in different environments
  • Help sheets and a training diary to support you throughout your dog’s course.
  • Reviews and feedback of video footage throughout the course

Yes! Good Dog Covid19 1-2-1 Session Regulations  Yes! Good Dog – Covid19 – 1-2-1 Session Policy Revision 14th September 2020

Important Course Information

  • Five sessions to be completed within a seven-week period
  • This course is not applicable for dogs that have previously shown aggression to other dogs or people
  • Full Payment is required on booking the sessions
  • Refund Policy – Seven days’ notice is required for session cancellations or rescheduled sessions. No refund is provided within less than a seven-day notice period
  • Payment plan options are available on request
  • No aversive equipment is permitted such as choke or check chains, prong collars, shock collars, aversive sprays.
  • Extender leads are not permitted
  • Post code areas covered for in person 1-2-1 training sessions B13, B14, B26, B27, B28, B47, B90, B91, B92, B93, B94, B95
    (a travel surcharge is applied if out of a three-mile radius of B90)

We had a wonderful one-on-one session with Mandy to work on my dog’s recall. She was very patient and explained everything clearly. Mandy was great with adjusting her techniques to work with my dog and help him learn in a way he understands. Would highly recommend!


Mandy was fantastic with all the training and recall techniques with Daisy, my Pug. Would totally recommend Mandy to everyone thinking of dog/puppy training! Thank you, Mandy.

Victoria and Daisy

I can’t recommend Mandy highly enough for her help and 1-2-1 training with our dog Murphy. Home training was good but lead walking and recall were a struggle. Murphy is so full of energy and playful that he thought everyone wanted to play and he hadn’t been socialised with other dogs because we didn’t have the confidence to let him off the lead. After our sessions with Mandy we can confidently walk Murphy in the park off the lead and he always comes back, he loves to play with other dogs but his recall is excellent so we have no worries and his lead walking has improved greatly. All in all, Murphy is much happier and so are we. Thank you, Mandy.

Karen and Murphy