1-2-1 Dog Behaviour Life Skills Package

For dogs that find it difficult to cope with certain aspects of life

Is your dog’s behaviour a challenge?

In person services are currently suspended : Online sessions for 1-2-1 Dog Training and Dog Behaviour concerns are available for booking please see the  ‘Online Dog Training’ option in the menu box. Alternatively please email through the contact page to register your details for in person services as soon as these can become available

The Life Skills Dog Behaviour Course has been specially developed for dogs that find it difficult to cope with certain aspects of life. An in depth one to one course in understanding your individual dog’s behaviours, covering the psychology behind the behaviour and applying scientifically proven and modern-day methods.

The dangerous Dog Act 1991 and subsequent amendments hold dog owners responsible for their dog’s behaviour and heavy penalties apply. Dogs need to be under control and not to be regarded as a threat or cause harm to the public or assistance dogs.

How Mandy can help

When enrolling on the Life Skills Dog Behaviour Course with Mandy Rigby of Yes! Good Dog no case is rushed as every dog is unique and deserves time spent in assessing its individual personality, breed type, health, diet, past experiences and the present situation prior to commencing on behavioural advisements and rehabilitation.

This course provides you with a real understanding of what is happening around your dog’s current behaviour and learning the most kind and effective training to apply to help build on improving your dog’s resilience to cope with life’s challenges enabling positive change. Knowledge is key for increasing your own confidence in how to handle difficult situations.

The number of dogs relinquished to dog rehoming centres due to behavioural issues is high and the numbers are increasing, but there is much we can do to help these dogs become more balanced and to be safer within the community.

Is your dog stuggling with:

  • General anxiety/nervousness
  • Aggressive behaviour evident to other dogs, other animals or people
  • Excessive barking due to fear related anxiety
  • Fears/phobias stemming from a wide variety of triggers
  • Frustrated behaviours, nipping, mouthing and persistent jumping up
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Predatory behaviour
  • Persistent lead pulling/lunging due to an underlying behaviour issue

“Observation, knowledge and compassion enable behaviour change”

Life Skills Dog Behaviour Course – £495

This course is designed to run over a three-month period. Altering behaviour responses can take time whether in humans or animals.

What’s in the course?

  • Life Skills Evaluation Session and initial coaching session
  • Two Life Skill Dog Behaviour practical training sessions
  • Two Life Skills follow up review calls or online meetings
  • A motivational training plan and a success diary to track your dog’s journey within the course

Yes! Good Dog Covid19 1-2-1 Session Regulations Yes! Good Dog – Covid19 – 1-2-1 Session Policy Revision 14th September 2020

Additional Benefits of Enrolling on the Life Skills Dog Behaviour Course

  • Advisements and demonstrations will be provided in how to implement the life skill training regimes applicable to your dog’s current behaviour.
  • Learn how to ‘speak dog.’ An insight into your dog’s body languages and facial expressions, which will help you understand what emotional state is occurring. More observation skills in this area can assist you in your dog’s programme enormously.
  • Dogs need our help to teach them better coping strategies and to build on confidence enabling them to handle the challenges of life. Find out how the power of the owner’s inner energy can be influencing your dog’s behaviours.

Important Course Information

  • Multiple dog households may incur an additional cost
  • Yes! Good Dog will only accept dogs on the programme with a bite ratio level within the 1-3a range (3a single shallow puncture wound)
  • Postcode areas covered – B13, B14, B26, B27, B28, B30, B37, B38, B47, B48, B60 South only, B80, B90, B91, B92, B93, B94, B95, B97, B98, CV37 postcode areas are covered
    *Travelling radius is 8 miles/25minute duration. Travel out of area radius will include an additional time & fuel charge of £0.45 per mile per session
  • From initial contact your dog is my priority. A dog behaviour history questionnaire will be requested to be returned prior to your session(s). At this stage, dependent on the issue, I may request a vet referral form to be completed. This is required in all cases of reported aggressive behaviour. Click here for the veterinary medical history form.
  • Past or present medical problems maybe contributing to the behaviours, therefore these need to be ruled out first prior to the diagnostic and treatment strategy.  Please present the form to your veterinary for completion.

Bonzo is a Labrador cross who I acquired from the Birmingham Dogs Home last August; since then things have been eventful to say the least. Bonzo has suffered with anxiety issues and high levels of arousal and  frustration and I had all but given up as walks had become a chore and my dog had alienated us from the vast majority of dog owners and their pets respectively at our local park due to behavioural problems.

Fast forward to today and Bonzo is now a graduate, wow what a difference. I would always try and over complicate training prior to Mandy coming along but she put it into nice easy to follow package and we have practiced his exercises and manners daily and within the space of two weeks he is a changed dog. Amazingly I’ve taken him out twice today and as a result of his training games and exercises, he is now completely focused and resonates far better with myself; I now enjoy my walks and activities with Bonzo and see them as time for us to bond and enjoy ourselves as opposed to a daily chore.

Anybody out there with a dog that thinks they cannot be helped and there is no solution please take Bonzo as evidence that such dogs can be helped with the right guidance and commitment from yourselves and a trainer equipped with the relevant skillset and knowledge; I cannot stress more that Mandy is that person. Thankyou

Blake and Bonzo

Mandy came to help me with Reggie my dog who had become stressed when we introduced him to a new puppy we had. She has to be a magician. She has worked with both of our dogs. She has taught me so much about how our dogs think and how to read what they are saying. They are so much calmer and happier together now. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. She is a lovely woman and offers so much support not only in the home but by email and phone. I think she has passed some of her magic onto me as I feel like The Dog Whisperer now. Thank you for everything

Ellie and Reggie

My spouse and I have an anxious dog and sought out Mandy for help. She came to our home, helped us decipher his behaviours and gave us instruction on how to remedy / correct unwanted behaviours. She basically taught us how to be better dog owners.
The training with Mandy has helped turn an extremely stressful situation into a more manageable one and it has even become a bonding experience for all of us.
We would highly recommend her for ANY issues you might be having as she’s very thorough and highly knowledgeable.
Thank you for making our home a calmer, happier place Mandy!


I cannot recommend highly enough; our dog Bear is a 60kg 11-month-old Alaskan shepherd who is stubborn as anything and he started showing aggression towards friends and strangers. With Mandy’s help Bear is now like a different dog. He is calmer, friendlier and more trusting. Mandy was brilliant with him and us. 10/10 Many thanks again!

Stephanie and Matt – Bear

We chose Mandy because she had two rescue dogs that had caused her problems and we could relate to that! We originally got Motzi 18 months ago but when Maisie came along six months ago it became double trouble! Mandy taught us door and lead manners which both dogs picked up straight away. The next step was coping with traffic and aggression towards other dogs. Mandy gave us the tools and training to deal effectively with these situations. We are now confident owners and the dogs relate and react to this in a very positive manner. Diet tips and hierarchy within the pack were also addressed. Both dogs now play happily together, and their relationship has improved immensely. We now enjoy our pets and we are in control of them rather than them of us. I cannot thank Mandy enough. Mandy has also given detailed responses and feedback and continues to do so. Extremely good value for money. I cannot recommend Mandy highly enough

Alison and Kev – Motzi & Maisie


Mandy helped me with my Rottweiler cross 8-month-old pup, Rhea. I cannot emphasise enough how much Mandy has helped with Rheas bad behaviour such as jumping up and biting! Rhea was ruling the roost and I had completely lost control, but Mandy helped gain my confidence back and become the leader again. Mandy’s personal behaviour plan for Rhea helps me remember everything I was taught so it is a lot easier to remember everything out of the training. Mandy, thank you for giving me the advice and training I needed to get a loving dog. I would highly recommend!
Shannon and Rhea

Marston Green