1-2-1 Online Dog Behaviour and Training

These days the first place a dog owner turns to when they are having problems with their dog’s behaviour is the internet. It can take hours of your time researching, reading forums, paying for courses, watching You Tube videos and dog behaviour television programmes. The advice can be endless but often conflicting and confusing for the owner and the dog.

How can Mandy help?

Now is the time to arrange to speak with Mandy Rigby BCCSDipAdvCanBhv, your personal Dog Behaviour Coach & Puppy Trainer. Mandy has assisted many clients nationwide in successfully resolving issues with their dogs by utilizing modern day technology and speaking remotely rather than an in-home visit.

Dog Separation Anxiety

Your Online Dog Behaviour and Training Coach – Costs and Details

Puppies and Standard Dog Training

45 minutes     £45.00
60 minutes     £50.00
90 minutes     £85.00

Dog Behaviour Issues

60 minutes     £75.00
90 minutes     £99.00


  • You are speaking to a qualified canine behaviour specialist and an experienced trainer, who handles real-life situations on a day to day basis
  • This service offers a more affordable alternative to a home visit
  • Calls can be fitted into your daily schedule
  • You can discuss your own worries with Mandy regarding your dog’s issues or ongoing training as if she is sitting right there next to you
  • You are in the comfort of your own home
  • Assistance is available to anyone in the United Kingdom or further a field
  • You will receive sound modern day ‘no force no fear’ advisement
  • You will receive help sheets and video links to support you after your session

What can be covered successfully remotely

  • Preparing for your new puppy
  • Puppy has arrived! Comprehensive puppy parenting consultation
  • 1-2-1 Puppy training
  • Recall games to play with your dog
  • Loose lead walking techniques
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fears and phobias
  • New rescue dog evaluation and settling in advice
  • Attention seeking behaviours such as barking, jumping up and begging for food
  • Pre -Consultation to the Life Skills Dog Behaviour Course

The Process

Email or use the contact page giving a rough outline of the behaviour issue, stating you are interested in booking an Online Dog-Coaching Meet-up

  • If your issue can be handled remotely you will receive a dog behaviour/dog training form to complete. If not, Mandy will call or email you to discuss her in person services that would be more appropriate
  • Complete and return the form and send any video footage via Wats App displaying the behaviour(s) listed if possible
  • Mandy will call or email you outlining how many sessions would be advised and the costs entailed
  • A date and time will be arranged to conduct the remote call(s) either by WhatsApp, Face Time Audio or Zoom
  • An invoice will then be provided to secure the allocated session(s)
  • Advisements will be provided for any session preparation required

Terms and Conditions

  • Remote calls to be conducted via Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp Audio.
  • Payment is due on booking. No refunds will be given unless seven days’ notice is provided to cancel or alter the allocated meet up time provided. Failure to join the call on the agreed day and time will not be refunded. A further session would require rebooking
  • If additional behaviour concerns are added within the call which had not been detailed within the initial form, then additional remote or in-home sessions may be advised

I highly recommend Mandy.  We had a one to one consultation when our Vizsla puppy was 10 weeks old which offered both practical advice and encouragement.  The advice was brilliant in helping us cope with a very energetic puppy!  Puppy classes were cancelled due to lockdown and so we decided to try the online classes with Mandy.  We weren’t sure they would work but they have been fantastic – our puppy has made great progress and we’ve had some great fun with him.  We’ve got a whole load of exercises to work on and look forward to seeing Mandy again for puppy youth club soon.

Louise and Rudi

Great online class, thank you so much for all the top tips!!!

Monique and Teddy

Cecily with Albert