1-2-1 Puppy Parenting Session

(Remotely or In-Home)

New Puppy?

Due to current demand , the lead time for booking this service is November 2021 

If you have recently acquired a new puppy or your puppy is arriving soon, you may be concerned about the first days and weeks. They can bring some challenging times! You will certainly benefit with some easily accessible advice on the parenting of your puppy.

How Mandy can help

The puppy parenting session is delivered by Mandy Rigby of Yes! Good Dog and Yes! Good Puppy Academy. Mandy will give you all the guidance needed for the early stages of raising your puppy. This session can be booked at a convenient time for you and your family and is tailored for puppies that are arriving home soon or have recently arrived (Puppies aged between 8-14 weeks).

Your puppy parenting session is loaded with inspirational information and you will be raring to go with parenting your puppy. The session lasts for ninety minutes and on completion a comprehensive ‘Puppy Parenting’ guide will be emailed containing lots of advice and tips to refer to in the coming months.

Dog Separation Anxiety

“I believe we can achieve balanced, contented and happy dogs”

1-2-1 Home Visit Puppy Parenting Session £99.00 (currently suspended)

1-2-1 Puppy Parenting Session Online (via Zoom) £85.00 

What is covered within the session?

  • Toileting
  • Nipping & Chasing
  • Teething and chewing
  • Prevention of the onset of separation anxiety
  • Socialisation, exposure and habituation
  • Dealing with fearfulness
  • Correct games for mental and physical stimulation
  • Lead walking equipment
  • Resting and sleeping regimes
  • Working for rewards
  • Jumping up
  • Prevention of toy possessiveness
  • Prevention of food guarding
  • Neutering
  • Diet for health and focus
  • Foods that can harm
  • Exercise requirements
  • What is ‘Positive Reward Training’?
  • Clicker training – What is this and why is it good for my puppy?
  • Moving forward with your puppy’s training
  • Question & answer time

Mandy is the right person to help you understand and welcome your puppy home! She provided us documentation in advance and helped me understand the puppy routine, food, health and was very concrete with examples and situations. She even answered my questions after the session. I recommend Mandy and I am looking forward to the further training sessions.

Cristina with Zelda

We had a puppy parenting service with Mandy to help us settle in our new puppy as well as give us information- she was so helpful and made us feel more confident with settling Lily in. I am sure Lily is already looking forward to her training sessions with Mandy!

Dips with Lily

We have had a puppy parenting session today with Mandy. The session was excellent it gave us lots of tips and pointers on how to help train Albert and keep us and him going forward. There was lots of information and we learnt lots of things that we would never have thought of ourselves. We thoroughly enjoyed it and we would definitely recommend this service if you are thinking of getting a new puppy and feel you need support, Mandy made us feel at ease and really listened to us. Great service

Cecily with Albert

Cecily with Albert