Terms and Conditions

When securing any of the offered services from Amanda Rigby, at Yes! Good Dog you are therefore accepting the following Terms & Conditions listed below.

  • On agreeing the service from Yes! Good Dog the payment requested falls due prior to your Yes! Good Dog Session(s)  commencing. Payment methods will be advised directly.
  • All necessary forms/questionnaires  are to be completed and returned prior to your Yes! Good Dog session(s) / A full telephone consultation regarding your dog’s behaviour history is also acceptable.  This will be advised on initial contact.
  • The cost and payment arrangements are advised at the time of booking.
  • Please give at least seven days notice if rescheduling your session,  this enables the session time to be allocated to another client.  In the event of cancellation of the entire pre-booked service, any deposit paid will be refunded if seven days notice prior to the allocated appointment is given. No deposit refund will be due if notice given is under the seven day period.
  • I do not allow any adverse equipment at my sessions which cause fear and pain to a dog, items such a electric collars, prong/pinch collars, choke or check chains.
  • Earing docking is illegal in the UK. Ethically I do not accept dogs whom have had their ears docked or pinned under any circumstance.
  • Tail docked dogs are only permitted if the docking is legally permitted for some working gundog breed purposes. Evidence of a veterinary practice for the procedure would be required.    
  • I reserve the right to advise a veterinary consultation if from the information supplied to me verbally or within the consultation form has caused me to suspect there maybe an underlying medical issue linked to the behaviours described. Any pain or medical related condition needs attention prior to commencing on any behaviour modification plan.
  • Area coverage is a 8 mile radius from B90 postcode, an additional fuel charge of 45p per mile will be applied over the radius coverage on full behavioural modification programmes.  Area coverage is a 3 mile radius for 1-2-1 training and puppy parenting sessions, an additional fuel charge of 45p per mile will be applied over the radius.  
  • Please read your finalised Behavioural Modification Plan & given reports carefully taking particular note of the information provided within the safety note of the advice offered to keep any risk factors concerning aggression, reactivity and prey response issues to a minimal. Contact me directly for any clarification regarding safety issues relevant to your case.
  • Results are dependent upon the owner commitment to the programme by working consistently with your dog after or inbetween sessions to gain and sustain the best results.
  • Photography/Video Footage – Photographs or video footage may be taken whilst working together. Personal details will not be disclosed. These are used for future referencing, education for other clients and for advertising services on the Yes! Good Dog Website or Social Media.  If you do not permit this please advise me directly.

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