Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Users

Yes! Good Dog Community Hub Terms and Conditions oversea the introductory services that are made available to you via the professional heroes listed within the Yes! Good Dog Community Hub website

Please read these Terms and Conditions before utilising our website, as by using our website and choosing a hero to suit your requirements, you are agreeing that you accept the Terms and Conditions. If you do not, you should not proceed in contacting the ‘Hero’ via the contact button


In January 2022 Mandy Rigby Founder of Yes! Good Dog Behaviour and Training started to re-structured her services and went on to bring together a selected number of dog services to offer the local dog consumer elite professionals working in collaboration within one website. Yes! Good Dog Community Hub Heroes adhere to our working Ethics Pledge of positive and kind dog handling methodology and fear free training.

To view the Hero Ethics Pledge please click here

If you require to contact the Yes! Good Dog Community Hub Administrator, details are below

The Hero Introductory Service

Yes! Good Dog Community Hub operates the website,  which has been established to introduce clients with local dog professionals (our Heroes) to provide a range of dog services or products

Direct contact via the hero contact link can be made with the chosen ‘Hero’ which will direct you to their email address to register your enquiry

Disclaimer: On contact with the chosen Hero and acceptance of a service they are providing you will enter into a separate contract with that individual/business

Yes! Good Dog Community Hub can endorse the reputation of the professional listed but it is the responsibility of the consumer to establish whether the chosen Hero can meet the requirements before entering into that particular business’s own ‘Terms & Conditions’. If you do engage a Yes! Good Dog Community Hub Hero, you will become a direct client of that Professional and enter into a contract with them.. The services provided thereafter are via the Professional, and not Yes! Good Dog Community Hub

Reviews of services provided by the chosen Heroes should be placed directly on that business’s forums not related to Yes! Good Dog Community Hub. Any individual reviews of services do not relate to other Professionals listed. Please feel free to review Yes! Good Dog Community Hub if you have been happy to locate your local hero easily via the introductory service and you found this local community initiative helpful

Yes! Good Dog Community Hub cannot influence or control any information within the Hero’s website and accepts no liability for its content, content of such third-party is the responsibility of the respective Hero.

The hero contact information provided comes to you at no cost.

Yes! Good Dog Community Hub acts only as an introductory service referred to above, the provision of any services by a Professional Hero to a client will be subject to an entirely separate legal contract. If there are any issues with services provided, you will have legal rights of redress against the Professional Hero’s Company directly, and not against Yes! Good Dog Community Hub


On occasion the need may arise to make changes to these terms and conditions. Therefore, please check the content on revisiting our website to see whether any changes have been made or listings updated