The stay command is invaluable as it assists in the training of redirecting other behaviours such as jumping up. It also increases impulse control, reduces excitability and helps to steady the dog so it will give you more focus.  It may also be used in an emergency to keep your dog safe.

You can teach stay using a clicker or your marker word ’yes’ and as with all training start within a ‘boring’ no distraction area in your home. Do not expect too much from you dog at first by keeping the distance short setting your dog up for success.

Start with your dog in a sit position and step one step backwards, use your palm up in the air as a strong visual cue and stay the word ‘stay’ or ‘wait’ whichever is your preference  but always keep it the same.  Move forward to your dog and say ‘yes’ or ‘click’ and reward.  A point to remember at this stage is you are not teaching the command ‘come’ so you go to your dog rather than calling your dog to you, as then you are rewarding the come not the stay.   Start increasing your steps backwards slowly one step at a time.   When you have run out of room you can then add walking back slowly to the side of your dog and then around your dog one stage at a time and back to your original position.   Repeat all of the above in the garden, the start adding in some distraction.   When in an outside area start again with low distraction and you can use a long line if your distance has increased.  You can add a down position when your time has increased in a sit position as this position is more comfortable than a pro-longed sit for most dogs.

If your dog looks like he is breaking the stay then decrease your distance and start at the previous stage. All dogs learn differently so be patience and reward all the triumphs.