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Vicky has been studying with Galen Myotherapy centre for 2.5 years and is now very excited to be expanding her services to offer canine massage and red-light therapy to enhance well-being and quality of life to physically compromised dogs. Vicky’s passion lies in the choice-led ethos Galen advocates, allowing dogs full autonomy over their body and areas of painful chronic muscular issues. Treatment always takes place at ground level where a dog is most comfortable and relaxed. Her aim is to reduce fear, pain and anxiety and promote wellbeing through application of treatment.

A full postural analysis based on client information is devised prior to, and then discussed at the first treatment. This enables Vicky to provide a targeted treatment plan, as well as promoting owner empowerment and inclusion throughout the dog’s journey to wellness. Vicky works alongside local vet practices to build positive relationships for clients to receive an optimum, multimodal treatment plan tailored to their individual dog. Contact Vicky our Canine Massage Hero.

Korin - dog walking services- solihull
Korin - dog walking services- solihull

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Our heroes have been selected for their ethical practices and expertise. On contacting your chosen Hero any services provided thereafter are no longer the responsibility of Yes! Good Dog Community Hub