Yes! Good Dog – Covid19 Group Activity Policy Revision 14th September 2020

Yes! Good Dog Behaviour & Training Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Group Activity Policy

Revision 14th September 2020

 Preparation for Dog Training Classes

Plastic chairs to be wiped after each class with anti-bacterial solution and a clean damp cloth

Light switches and door and gate handles wiped after each class with anti-bacterial solution and a clean damp cloth

Any equipment used sprayed and wiped down after each class

 Yes! Good Dog COVID-19 Dog Training Regulations

  1. One handler per puppy, no spectators are permitted – numbers are limited as per current guidelines
  2. If you or anyone you live with are showing symptoms of COVID-19 infection you nor your dog should not attend class and isolate for 14 days – Please inform Mandy Rigby of Yes! Good Dog so other class attendees can be alerted
  3. Please consider risks of attending group classes if you live with someone that is self-isolating /shielding
  4. Social distancing of two meters within the training area and the car park
  5. Touching another dog bar your own is not permitted
  6. Please be aware there will not be any toilet facilities unless in the case of an emergency
  7. Face coverings are mandatory within the hall
  8. Your temperature will be scanned on entry to the hall each session
  9. Antibacterial gel and wipes are provided please dispose of your wipes/gloves or masks in the bin provided next to the sanitising area
  10. Please use the hand sanitizer before and after entering the training area
  11. Spare masks and gloves are provided for your use if you wish to use them
  12. The trainer will operate any entry and exit doors/gates whenever possible
  13. If in the event a puppy gets loose, your trainer will use PPE (masks and gloves) to retrieve your puppy back to you
  14. It is advised to wipe your puppy/dog over with a clean damp cloth after class before re-entering your car- Please bring provisions of water and a clean cloth to do so

Track & Trace Register

A register will be taken of everyone attending the class each week. This information is recorded in event of a Covid 19 outbreak. Every class member will be informed immediately on notification of a person that has attended the class being unwell with Covid-19 symptoms. Government guidelines must then be followed in accordance with self-isolating


Although Mandy Rigby of Yes! Good Dog will endeavour to take every possible precaution to prevent spreading the virus, she cannot take responsibility for its spread and attending classes will be at the attendee’s own risk.

Prevent COVID-19 Course completed by Mandy Rigby 6th July 2020 Certificate CL6Q-BZA7-92XX-PJL5

In accordance with Government advice please find additional guidelines displayed within the hall area