Yes! Good Puppy Academy Terms & Conditions

By making a booking with Yes! Good Dog for classes at Yes! Good Puppy Academy, you are accepting that you have read, understand and fully accept the terms and conditions below, please consult directly if you need clarification on any of the points below;


You will receive a confirmation email of your booking and the invoice for the amount due. This is due within 24 hours of your confirmation. Places cannot be held open due to the demand for the classes

Booking confirms your commitment to attend the eight week course. If you are unable to attend a class please email to or call 07745 419030. We hope you can attend all the sessions as the training is progressive week by week

The class will commence at the start time, it is the client’s responsibility to arrive giving enough time to toilet your puppy and arrive in the hall in a calm unrushed manner

Class Rules, Regulations & Equipment

  • All puppies must have completed their first two vaccinations, please bring your vaccination card to your first session. Please ensure your puppy has up to date worming and flea treatment
  • Please ensure you bring plenty of treats with you and a water bowl/bottle of water
  • Wear comfortable clothes and footwear as much of the early training maybe carried out sitting on the floor at puppy head height.
  • A standard collar and lead (a longer light training lead is preferable)
  • Harness’s are permitted but should be well fitted. Any ill fitting harnesses will be asked to removed. Harnesses will also be asked to be removed in the event of any puppy free play so please also bring a collar if you dog wears a harness only.
  • Flexi/Extendable leads, choke/check chains walking equipment are not permitted in class
  • Any device that causes pain, discomfort or induces fear will not be permitted
  • Use of any punishment or physical force within the class will not be tolerated
  • To gain  the most from your puppy classes please be prepared to devote some time each day in between sessions to continue with your training, you will be advised at the session what to work on that week.  This need only been one or two small training sessions of 5-10 minutes a day
  • This is a critical time in your puppy’s development. As well as the class, your puppy will need positive and safe socialisation throughout the week to compliment your puppy’s classes
  • Class 1 – Positive Puppy class attendees must all be under the age of 24 weeks on commencement of classes
  •  Class 2 – Yes! Good Dog Youth Club must be aged between 6-12 months on commencement of the class
  • Family members are encouraged to come and join in with the class. This gives invaluable additional socialisation for everyone’s puppy. Children over 5 are permitted and are the responsibility of the accompanying adult, they should  be encouraged not to disrupt the learning of the class and to remain calm and sensitive to attending puppies. Yes! Good Puppy Academy loves to involve children in training but also reserves the right to ask  that any disruptive children not attend future classes (Re Covid19 policy – only one handler per puppy is permitted at the present time)
  • If you find your puppy does not adapt to the class environment and is seemingly very nervous or shows aggression to other dogs,  other options will be discussed.

Class Safety

All puppies must be leaded and please refrain from allowing your puppy to meet and greet other puppies until a designated time to do so. Some puppies maybe fearful and the class promotes a positive experience for everyone.  Puppy socialisation will be allowed within the session under the supervision of the trainer and only if there are compatible play partners which cannot be guaranteed on the course.

Yes! Good Puppy Academy takes every consideration for you and your puppies personal safety but by agreeing to attend the class which involves puppies, children and adults there is always an element of risk of injury or loss or damage to yourself or your puppy. Please be aware that on booking you are agreeing to indemnify Yes! Good Dog/Mandy Rigby founder of all personal injury or damage to property whilst at the class. This is also a consideration to make any persons attending with you aware of this

Any injuries or accidents must be reported at the class immediately

Cancellations or Refund Policy

14 days notice is required in the event of cancellation. A full refund will then be processed. Under 14 days and a refund will only be given if your place is filled on that course.

If you miss any sessions there is no refund or partial refund applicable but your place will be kept open on the course unless you notify us otherwise

No refund is due if you fail to have the vaccinations in time for the class commencement or you fail to bring in the vaccination card as requested on the first session. Without showing the vaccination card you will not be allowed to attend the first class. It is Yes! Good Puppy Academy’s responsibility to ensure no cross contamination and all puppies have been health checked and vaccinated. There are no exceptions.

It is the owners responsibility to have had the puppy health checked and vaccinated prior to commencement of the class. If notification is given within 14 days of the class commencing that the vaccination will not be carried out in time prior to the class then a refund will be given