About Mandy & Yes! Good Dog

Hi, my name is Mandy Rigby and I am the founder of Yes! Good Dog, Yes! Good Puppy Academy and Scent Work Academy. The fundamental core of my business is to provide a compassionate and educational dog coaching service to dog guardians so they can embrace and enjoy their lives with their dogs to the full.

Dogs have been a part of my life since I was a young girl with spending time on my grandparents’ farm and established boarding kennels. As a youngster I was amazed by the intelligence and loyalty of these wonderful creatures and what joy and companionship they bring to millions of people.

I have always shared my home with at least one dog but my journey to turn my passion into a career started with my first rescue dog. I was pleased to be able to offer a haven for more rescue dogs over the years. At that time, I found some of the more challenging dog behaviours were emotionally embedded and could not be supported through ‘training’ regimes alone.

A few decades ago, many training methods were harsh on the dog, verging on abusive and I certainly did not want robotic dogs who obeyed through fear. When I dug a little deeper, I found that the tide was turning with new scientific advancements in how dogs learn. Over the course of the next decade I studied many topics from animal psychology to dog first aid gaining a distinction grade diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviours. I studied canine behaviours in-depth with focus on the effectiveness of the newer positive reinforcement methodology and have since furthered my education in working in gaining an even deeper understanding of the dogs emotional experience in any given senario. This is now at the forefront of my mind when advising my clients. Unfortunately, there are still aversive methods used to this day and even what can be flowered up as positive may actually be providing the individual dog with a negative experience if the dog is not comfortable in the situation at that time.    

I volunteered within a dog rehoming centres to gain practical experience and continued to be mentored by other behaviourists and dog educators who offer invaluable knowledgeable with many different breed types and a variety of behavioural issues. This knowledge has been invaluable in me helping hundreds of owners with their dogs within the local community and further afield. Yes! Good Dog has gone from strength to strength receiving many top-rated reviews but more importantly than that many happy client-dog relationships.

My passion for working with dogs has developed in being involved in coaching and promoting the great activity of detection style nose work for the companion dog. It is becoming the fastest growing dog sport in the UK. I am a qualified Trainer, Trial manager and Judge for Scentwork UK and launched my own company Scent Work Academy which offers classes, workshops, events and trials for dogs of any age and breed type.

It is important you feel comfortable and trust the person you are consulting about your much-loved pet. I am DBS checked, fully insured, and adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations EU (2016). For more information please see my privacy section at the bottom of each page.

In a nutshell my approach reflects a combination of canine qualifications, a lifetime of experience with dogs and my love for these fantastic animals. This has allowed me to work with some wonderful dogs and their dedicated guardians over the years. My aim is to share my knowledge to as many guardians as I can, so they can then help their own dog’s confidence improve, resilience to the human world develop and live their best life. 


Canine Behaviourist BCCSDipAdvCanBeh