Mandy Rigby

Dog Separation Without Anxiety Hero

Mandy is a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (SA Pro), Canine behaviourist and experienced trainer and proudly represents force and fear free methods.

Mandy’s focus lies with helping owners with puppy home alone training and assisting in the rehabilitation of adult dogs that display anxiety related behaviours when left alone. She fully appreciates how much of an emotional drain it is on the owner to know their dog gets very distressed when they leave, and just how restrictive it can be for the caregiver. Mandy has assisted many owners with their dogs through her ‘Chill & Relax’ programmes offering full support to the care giver throughout.

If your puppy or your adult dog is displaying behaviours such as barking, whining, howling, pacing, toileting and destructive behaviours or is generally restless, distressed and overly vigilant when left alone please contact our Separation Anxiety Hero Mandy for an initial assessment.

Dog Separation Anxiety

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Our heroes have been selected for their ethical practices and expertise. On contacting your chosen Hero any services provided thereafter are no longer the responsibility of Yes! Good Dog Community Hub

Highly recommend, Mandy is brilliant at what she does, is very knowledgeable, informative and extremely thorough. From the first telephone conversation I felt at ease and confident that she would be able to help with the issues we faced with our six-year-old Cavapoo and his anxiety. Our sessions have given us the confidence and knowledge in how to handle this going forward to help Rolo become less stressed in certain situations when he is left.  We have already seen an improvement with Rolo being calmer and more relaxed when one of us leaves the home. Thank you does not quite seem enough, just wish we had found her sooner!
Lucy with Rolo

Mandy has been amazingly supportive and helpful with our unique circumstances. Never judging and always available for advice and support. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who has even the smallest of problems with their dog. Thank you for everything you have done for us.
Hayley & Roxy

We hired Mandy for our puppy as we were particularly concerned about separation anxiety, so we wanted to prevent this from the onset. We had a bad experience in the past with a difficult puppy and felt like we needed to do this correctly for our new puppy. Hiring a professional like Mandy was so helpful. Her background and experience with dogs is very knowledgeable. We have the correct setup, correct routine, correct mind set and the correct trainer. We would certainly highly recommend Mandy. Thank you Mandy, you are a true dog Angel.
Deha & Hugo

Mandy has been amazing with our Ruby. When we meet Mandy we had many things we needed help with: lead walk, excessive barking, recall and separation anxiety. Ruby is now able to walk on the lead without dragging me down the road and we have more control over her barking and recall! We’ve been given amazing support and easy to follow steps to resolve her separation anxiety which we are working on as not a quick fix. Thank you Mandy.
Jay and Ruby