The noisiest night of the year for our pets and fireworks are not exclusive to November the 5th. Your dog’s hearing is very sensitive and they cannot rationalise with what is happening with loud, strange and sudden noise. My top tips on helping your dog through this scary time 😔

  1. Start playing firework noises at low level and gradually build up the volume over a few weeks.  Play with your dog or give a chew or treats whilst you do this. Sounds can be found on You Tube or tracks purchased.
  2. Exercise your dog well earlier in the day on the potential noisiest nights.
  3. Feed a higher carbohydrate meal by adding rice or sweet potato, this can induce a more restful sleep
  4. Close all the doors and curtains.
  5. Put the volume of the TV or radio up. Classical music is known to be soothing.
  6. Create a den for your dog with blankets over a table or chairs or utilise a crate.
  7. Research some calming tablets, room plug in’s or sprays most pet shops supply.
  8. Keep calm yourself if your dog feels your anxiety with the situation it will worsen its own state.
  9. If your dog benefits from touch then comfort in a calm manner with soothing massage. Some dogs just want to retreat, pace, pant and whine in which your empathy could feed the anxiety then.
  10. Use an inner room of the home if possible.
  11. Anxiety wraps, thunder jackets and coats can give a sense of security.
  12. Give your dog a chew, frozen Kong and hide some treats. Food may not be touched in the height of anxiety but it is there afterwards to bring the anxiety levels down with calm chewing or foraging.
  13. Try to distract with interactive play this may be possible in less severe cases
  14. It’s difficult to balance when you want to go out to see the fireworks yourself but try to consider your dog and put in place as much as possible of the above and return as soon as you can