James Horner BVSc CertAVP(ES-ST) PGCert(VPS) MBA MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon Hero

James Horner is our Veterinary Surgeon Hero based under Morrisons Supermarket on the Coventry Road, Sheldon.

James is a vet of over 10-years’ experience with advanced qualifications from multiple universities. James and his team offer a broad range of services from health consultations, nurse clinics and many other procedures.

James and his veterinary team help many pets, young and old, across the Sheldon and surrounding areas and has recently won the best start up Practice 2022 awarded by BestUKvets. The guiding philosophy of James is a belief in a collaborative approach to caring and treating your pets and this runs to encouraging clients to subscribe to the services offered. Joining our subscriptions opens up a huge number of benefits and allows you to tap into the whole team and their expertise to maximise your care quality.

Calm in nature, James will make your pet feel welcome and relaxed when undergoing their examination. When discussing conditions and complications, he will use his extensive experience to bring awareness to risks or benefits around treatment options, whilst also offering his own opinion on treatment choices if requested.

James is available for initial discussions, on-going support, and advice all the way to second opinions in complicated situations.

Dog Separation Anxiety

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Our heroes have been selected for their ethical practices and expertise. On contacting your chosen Hero any services provided thereafter are no longer the responsibility of Yes! Good Dog Community Hub