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Jo and her team are all Certified Dog Trainers. Jo is the Head Canine Behaviourist and Trainer coaching the team to be the absolute best they can be, using only force-free and science proven methodologies. The team are heavily invested in their own learning and studies and are continuously achieving amazing results with owners and dogs. They work closely as a team to ensure owners are receiving the best possible support and guidance.

The team’s focus is on working with those who experience that feeling of loss when they realise they have a reactive dog. That moment when owners realise they haven’t got the dog they initially thought they’d get, or that feeling of absolute overwhelm and confusion as to why their dog is behaving this way. This is where Jo and her the team excel, and through their behaviour programme, they will guide and give you tools, knowledge and skills to be able to support both owners and dogs on this journey together. The team are acutely aware of just how much this impacts owners just as much as the dogs and are here to support you every step of the way.

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Our heroes have been selected for their ethical practices and expertise. On contacting your chosen Hero any services provided thereafter are no longer the responsibility of Yes! Good Dog Community Hub

Jo, Kerry, and Kim have been absolutely fantastic with helping us with our highly strung and reactive Labrador! I’m so grateful for their understanding of the difficulties we’ve faced, and the Paw Plus community they have built helps us feel like we’re not on our own with any of these problems. The positive training methods we’ve learnt are making a difference, and their friendly and non-judgemental approach is really encouraging. I 100% recommend this business if you need some extra support with your dog!

Before contacting Jo my pupper (4 year old, male) was extremely reactive to many different situations, (other dogs, doorbell, people, etc…) he was very unpredictable at times and just a right old handful! Turns out ‘his bucket is full’… I didn’t realise how overwhelming the situations we may find completely normal, could be for a dog. Jo and Kerry really have helped me to understand what body language to look out for, have given me the tools to cope with various behaviours and sound advice throughout, as well as building a greater relationship with my dog. We’ve still a long way to go, but the change in him is amazing so far – so many people, family/friends, have commented on the difference in him. What I love the most is the support element, Jo and Kerry just want to help – there’s no judgement and they’re always on hand if you get a bit stuck or have a bad day. I’d urge anyone to get in contact if you feel you and your pupper aren’t living your best life together! You won’t regret it. Can’t thank them enough and highly recommend.