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Why Choose Barking’s bites Natural Treats?


None of our treats contain any additives, flavours or preservatives that you will find in other store bought products. So how do we preserve freshness and quality? All of our dog snacks are air dried using a natural process to remove any moisture from the product. Removing the moisture does two things:

  1. Hardens the treat which allows for a longer chewing process.
  2. Bacteria grows on moisture. Removing the moisture means there is no where for bacteria to grow, which therefore means the products stay fresh for long periods of time without the need for adding preservatives.

Wide Range of Health Benefits

We have designed each of our monthly snack boxes with your dog’s health in mind. As fellow dog owners, we understand we only want the best for our dog. Each box has been carefully thought out, and the products are chosen in such a way that they can help bring many health benefits for your dog. All the ingredients are balanced just right to help provide the following:

  • They are rich in nutrients and omega-3.
  • Contain vitamins A, B-complex and D.
  • The tough chews are great for your dog’s monthly dental regime by helping to fight plaque and tartar.
  • Some of the snacks contain a natural source of glucosamine.
  • All of our snacks are grain and wheat free. Ideal for dogs that have a glucose intolerance.
  • There are no cooked bones that could splinter, all treats are air dried to minimize any risk.
  • Some of our snacks, like the rabbit ears, are extremely low in calories and fat.
  • While treats like the duck are perfect for dogs with a sensitive tummy or allergies to other proteins.

Lisa, the Founder of Barking’s Bites lives in the Solihull area, she operates a local delivery and postal service. Visit our Natural Dog Treat Hero’s website to order your dog’s yummy healthy treats

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Use discount code YGDTRAINING for 15% off purchases on Natural Dog Treats website

Use discount code YGDTRAINING for 15% off purchases on Natural Dog Treats website