1-2-1 ‘Ace Adolescent’ Dog Training Package

HELP! My Dog Won’t Listen to Me!

Do you desire more focus and engagement with your dog? Does your dog not listen to you?

In person services are currently suspended : Online sessions for 1-2-1 Dog Training and Dog Behaviour concerns are available for booking please see the  ‘Online Dog Training’ option in the menu box. Alternatively please email through the contact page to register your details for in person services as soon as these can become available


Training a dog to have an improved focus and a dog who loves to learn and please is not a one fit all solution. Success in any dog training depends on the individual dog, fulfilling their instinctual drives and building a strong bond between the owner and the dog.

For dogs to understand what we want from them is a process that needs to be broken down into much smaller stages than we would imagine. Within the Ace Adolescent Course, time is spent transferring information to the owner so it can be applied to all future training, not just the issues to hand.

Dogs respond far better with encouragement which is delivered using positive reinforcement training and for the young dog is all about learning through fun and how we can channel that boundless energy into the direction that we are looking for.

How can Mandy help

Mandy of Yes! Good Dog Behaviour & Training will deliver a one to one specialized good manner dog training course to you at your own home or surrounding area. This course has been developed with young dogs in mind under the age of eighteen months old. The sessions can be adapted to whatever goals you and your dog need to achieve.

Do you need help with your dog to:

  • Focus better and pay attention to your instructions?
  • Stop your dog jumping up people?
  • Achieve a pleasurable loose lead walk?
  • Stop your dog jumping up the kitchen work tops?
  • Stop your dog begging for food at mealtimes?
  • Stop the scamp running off with stolen items?
  • Put a pause on that attention seeking barking?


“Encouragement not punishment”

The ‘Ace Adolescent’ Dog Training Course £325

What’s in the course?

  • Six one to one coaching sessions with Mandy
  • You will learn how to teach your dog in the most kind and effective way now and for future training
  • Improving focus and impulse control
  • Good manner training adapted to the individual issues
  • Build and maintain a great owner and dog relationship
  • Information help sheets and a training diary to support you throughout your course

Yes! Good Dog Covid19 1-2-1 Session Regulations  Yes! Good Dog – Covid19 – 1-2-1 Session Policy Revision 14th September 2020

Important Course Information

  • Dogs to be aged between six to eighteen months on commencement
  • Six sessions to be completed within an eight-week period
  • Full payment is required on booking in the sessions
  • Refund Policy – Seven days’ notice is required for session cancellations or rescheduled sessions. No refund is applicable on sessions cancelled or rescheduled less than a seven-day notice period.
  • Payment plans available on request
  • No aversive equipment is permitted such as choke or check chains, prong collars, shock collars, aversive sprays. Extender leads are also not permitted on training sessions
  • This course is not applicable for dogs that have previously shown aggression to other dogs or people
  • Post code areas covered for in person 1-2-1 training sessions B13, B14, B26, B27, B28, B47, B90, B91, B92, B93, B94, B95
    A travel surcharge is applied if out of a three-mile radius of B90

Amazing training from Mandy. From the first call we had Mandy put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. She clearly loves and understands dogs. Hints and tips that made sense that I would never have known without her guidance and knowledge. We had three 1-1 sessions and we have a different dog. Still his usual playful self but calmer and better behaved. We enjoy our walks so much now and we can walk confidently due to the training. I would recommend Yes Good Dog Behaviour and Training to anyone. No problem too big no problem too small. Great value for money. I will be eternally grateful.

Louise and Rex

Mandy came to me after weeks of me struggling with my GSD dog. The change after just one session was unbelievable! I was beginning to think Harley would never listen, but he is so much better now, and we have had great training sessions. I cannot recommend Mandy highly enough; she has worked wonders with my naughty boy.

Stephanie & Harley

We had the pleasure of Mandy coming to help out with our lovely 10 month old Charlie (bullmastiff) on Sunday, and all I can say is SUPERWOMAN she put all of us at ease and showed us exactly what’s needed to help Charlie to calm and learn some house manners. I am already getting people comment on how much calmer he seems. Thank you so much for all your help Mandy the work is already paying off.  Highly recommended

Kelly and Mark – Charlie