1-2-1 ‘Chill & Relax’ Separation Without Anxiety Programme

Help! I Cannot Leave My Dog Alone

Separation Anxiety

Due to current demand booking lead time for this service is now early 2022 

Separation anxiety in dogs is a heartbreaking disorder affecting the lives of millions of dogs and their care givers worldwide. It can be triggered by a change within the owners life or traumatic events within the dog’s life, such as rehoming or the loss of person or cohabiting animal. Possibly the dog has always shown symptoms of not being comfortable with being left alone and this has progressively worsened over time.

It can be a frustrating, stressful and a heartbreaking behaviour for the owners of a dog that is suffering and it is a very debilitating condition for the dog to live with

Complaints from neighbours and costly home repairs are problems that many owners can relate to

Unfortunately separation anxiety worsens without treatment, dogs do not simply get over this issue

You and your dog do not need to go through this alone and thankfully it can be treated successfully

How Mandy can help

Mandy of Yes! Good Dog Behaviour & Training specializes in helping to rehabilitate dogs who suffer with separation anxiety with the most up to date methodology

There are many myths and opinions around this topic which can lead to failed attempts to treat the condition. The programme dispels many of these myths and is based on your individual dog’s anxiety thresholds and the detailed data taken from all scheduled absences

Treating separation anxiety takes patience and commitment but for those of you who have a dog that suffers with this condition you will know how priceless it would be to see recovery happen. The programme is individually tailored for you and your dog and is delivered in a way to easily understand and apply

You and your dog will take a journey to build up the time that your dog can be left alone for with consistent support and guidance from Mandy throughout

Trigger learning to relax alone

Dog Separation Anxiety

Does your dog:

  • Seem depressed, watchful or restless when you are getting ready to leave?
  • Greets you with abundant excitability and takes a long time to settle?
  • Pace, pant or whine?
  • Look for you and maintains vigilance at the windows or exit doors?
  • Bark and howl when you leave the house and throughout the time you are away?
  • Destroy furniture or other things in the room when left alone?
  • Cause wounding to himself through trying to escape or self mutilation
  • Toilet in the home every time when no one is in?

If you can relate to any of the above then your dog is most certainly suffering from separation anxiety and your dog requires training to cope with being left on their own. If you really want to make a change to your dog’s life get in touch now, help is available for you right now.

“Observation, knowledge and compassion enable behaviour change”

‘Chill & Relax’ Separation Without Anxiety Programme


What’s involved?

  • Completion of an Initial Client Questionnaire Form
  • You will be contacted on receipt of the form to arrange a 30 minute complementary phone discussion to chat about your case and determine how we can work together. The price and time commitment will be provided within our discussion
  • The programme will then commence with a full online consultation evaluating your dog’s case history, providing the you with the understanding of why your dog reacts like (s)he does and the process to be worked through within the coming weeks
  • A treatment plan of the step by step process on building the foundations for alone time with following a desensitization criteria customized for your dog which will be continually assessed and advised on
  • Increasing the criteria of alone time through monitoring webcam footage recordings
  • Emailed ‘Chill & Relax’ progression phases emailed throughout the week
  • Regular online catch up’s to discuss progress and tweak the action plan

……Then breath a huge sigh of relief that you now have the help you have desperately been searching for


Important Information

  • All Separation Without Anxiety programmes are held remotely via Zoom – This is the most successful forum of client-trainer engagement to treat this type of behaviour
  • The initial programme is set for a one month period with comprehesive one to one guidance and support. I urge clients to commit to their dogs recovery plan within this time frame to gain maximum value. Re-assessment on future commitment required will be made at this point.
  • A timescale of recovery from separation anxiety issues is dependent on the individual dog. For some dogs it is weeks, others months. Positive steps in the right direction is better than no steps at all. Most client’s see the positive changes occurring soon after commencement of the programme as long as the criteria is adhered to fully.
  • T & C’s Refund Policy – Seven days’ notice is required for cancellation of the programme. No refund is provided if cancellation is made less than seven days
  • In the event of scheduled one to one consultations not being attended or daily training game tasks not being completed and returned within the time frame, these will be able to not be banked.
  • No aversive equipment is permitted such as anti bark collars, shock collars, aversive sprays.

Highly recommend, Mandy is brilliant at what she does, is very knowledgeable, informative and extremely thorough. From the first telephone conversation I felt at ease and confident that she would be able to help with the issues we faced with our six-year-old Cavapoo and his anxiety. Our sessions have given us the confidence and knowledge in how to handle this going forward to help Rolo become less stressed in certain situations when he is left.  We have already seen an improvement with Rolo being calmer and more relaxed when one of us leaves the home. Thank you does not quite seem enough, just wish we had found her sooner!

Lucy with Rolo

Mandy has been amazingly supportive and helpful with our unique circumstances. Never judging and always available for advice and support. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who has even the smallest of problems with their dog. Thank you for everything you have done for us. 

Hayley & Roxy

We hired Mandy for our puppy as we were particularly concerned about separation anxiety, so we wanted to prevent this from the onset. We had a bad experience in the past with a difficult puppy and felt like we needed to do this correctly for our new puppy. Hiring a professional like Mandy was so helpful. Her background and experience with dogs is very knowledgeable. We have the correct setup, correct routine, correct mind set and the correct trainer. We would certainly highly recommend Mandy. Thank you Mandy, you are a true dog Angel.

Deha & Hugo

Mandy has been amazing with our Ruby. When we meet Mandy we had many things we needed help with: lead walk, excessive barking, recall and separation anxiety. Ruby is now able to walk on the lead without dragging me down the road and we have more control over her barking and recall! We’ve been given amazing support and easy to follow steps to resolve her separation anxiety which we are working on as not a quick fix. Thank you Mandy.

Jay and Ruby