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Top Tips on Choosing the best Veterinary Practice

When looking to register your pet at a Veterinary Practice your choice need not only be based on the most local option to where you live. There are other aspects you can research in gaining the most suitable health care for your much-loved pet.

  1. Whether a dog, cat, rabbit or reptile. What sort of animal you care for may influence your decision of vet care. Practices can offer specialisms in certain species and can specialize in specific areas of animal health.
  2. In the unfortunate event of an emergency location is important, within a thirty-minute travel time may proof beneficial. Most local vets have referral practices that cover specialist treatments, operations, emergencies and who also offer a 24-hour care service. Therefore, it is worth checking the location of the referral practice too
  3. Pay a visit to a few selective Practices. Are you greeted in a friendly manner? Are the premises clean and tidy with up-to-date notice boards and displays? Are the staff interested in your pet and willing to answer any questions you may?
  4. Check out weekly opening hours and emergency care arrangements
  5. Consistency of care – Are you able to see the same vet each visit
  6. Are you permitted to be with your pet for certain procedures?
  7. Are you permitted to see where your pet will be kept whilst waiting for treatment and after treatment? 
  8. Enquire about the cost of consultation fees
  9. Are there any monthly plans to spread the cost of routine consultations, vaccinations, flea, and worm treatments in place?
  10. Are there any additional services the Practice runs – such as weight loss programmes?
  11. What is the Practices attitude to alternative complementary treatments and general ethos of care?
  12. What area of veterinary health do the associates specialise in?
  13. What is their pet insurance claim procedures?
  14. Take your pet for a visit to an appointment for a health check and assess how your pet reacts during the visit. Does the vet manage your pet appropriately and do you feel comfortable in the knowledge your pet is well cared for?
  15. If your pet needs special arrangements when attending appointments is the practice accommodating to these?
  16. Is there easy and adequate parking?
  17. Do you feel happy with your choice?

When you have made your decision remember you can change veterinary care at any time if you wish too

Yes! Good Dog Community Hub is delighted that we have our very own professional and ethical Veterinary Practice within the Hub. We have asked all the questions, visited the Practice and been welcomed with a smile. We have no hesitation in recommending our Vet Care Heroes  

Contact our veterinarian Hero James Horner and his team of heroes to find out how they can help you and your pet in the future.

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James Horner

James Horner