Yes! Good Dog – Covid19 – 1-2-1 Session Policy Revision 14th September 2020

1- 2-1 Training and Home Visits

 Preparation for 1-2-1 Training and Home Visits

The client will be advised that where possible all home visits and training will be conducted in an outdoor area at social distancing.  As the winter months approach where a consultation can be provided as effectively this will be advised to be carried out via online Zoom meeting platform

In the event this is not totally possible within the session circumstance and the session must partially take place in an indoor area, then face coverings are required by all and social distancing will remain.

Please consider risks of booking services if you live with someone that is self-isolating /shielding

Track & Trace Register

A record will be maintained of all 1-2-1 visits. This information is recorded in event of a Covid19 outbreak. Every client will be informed immediately on notification of any person that Mandy Rigby has come in to contact with within the previous fourteen days and who has informed her that they have developed symptoms of Covid-19. Government guidelines must then be followed in accordance with self-isolating and supplying information to the track and trace services

Symptoms of Covid-19

High temperature, a persistent cough, loss of taste and/or smell

 In the event of the client or any household member having any symptoms of Covid-19 then Mandy Rigby must be informed immediately so the session can be cancelled and rescheduled for in the future

Yes! Good Dog Covid-19 Dog Services Regulations

Any equipment will be cleaned in accordance with the guidelines prior to each visit

Any direct contact with the dog will be minimal or any and always with the use of gloves

Advise will be given verbally rather than demonstrated

Gloves and a face coverings will be worn by Mandy Rigby on entering any property

Mandy Rigby will use antibacterial gel and wipes on commencement and completion of each session

Face coverings are required in indoor environments by all within the household

The client will be required to operate any entry and exit doors/gates whenever possible

Any documentation will be emailed, photographed by the client or prepared 72 hours in advance and handled with clean gloves on pass over


Although Mandy Rigby of Yes! Good Dog will endeavour to take every possible precaution to prevent spreading the virus, she cannot take responsibility for its spread and by booking any services will be at the client’s and household members own risk.

Prevent COVID-19 Course completed by Mandy Rigby 6th July 2020 Certificate CL6Q-BZA7-92XX-PJL5